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Edibles are becoming one of the most preferred methods to enjoy the benefits of marijuana in Cambridge Ontario. Edibles provide a great alternative to the traditional methods of cannabis consumption since edibles offer you a discrete way to enjoy the healing or elevating properties of cannabis without the need to smoke and without the strong smell that occurs as a result of smoking. Aside from the convenient and discreet methods of consumption, edibles also allow you to enjoy a delicious snack while also receiving the benefits of cannabis.

This explosion of popularity has also resulted in the introduction of a variety of new edible products. Today’s edibles are no longer just some pot brownies mixed in someone’s kitchen. These edibles are prepared carefully by professionals to ensure each one has a consistent THC content and is safe for consumption. Edibles today can be found in a variety of unique forms, such as gummies, cookies, and even drinks.

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How do edibles work?

Enjoying THC or CBD using an edible will certainly have a slightly different process than smoking or vaping marijuana. The most prominent difference you’ll notice is how long it takes for you to feel the effects and also how long the sensation will last.

Typically when you smoke or vape THC or CBD, you’ll experience the effects within ten minutes due to the way the THC is absorbed into the bloodstream. Effects of smoking will typically last around 40 minutes to an hour.

Edibles, on the other hand, usually take a little longer to kick in. The effects of edibles will also fluctuate from person to person. Some users may feel the effects after 30 minutes, while others may need up to two hours.

How long does the sensation last?

Edibles have a tendency to last much longer, and it is typically a more powerful experience. When THC or CBD is smoked or vaped, the effects will generally last for 1-3 hours, but edibles may last more than eight hours. This is because the compounds bind to the fats inside the body and are absorbed into your blood.

Start small

Just like everything else involving marijuana, the best approach is to start with a small amount and gently ease into it. If you are brand new to edibles, you may want to start with around 2.5 to 5mg and at most 10mg of THC.

Your dosage is completely dependent upon your comfort level. Eating too much at the start may get you higher than anticipated, so it’s important to allow yourself the proper time and space that your body needs to process the edible, then you will be able to decide if you’ve had the perfect amount or even need a little more.

The best edibles in Cambridge Ontario

Now you know a basic idea of how edibles work, but now how should you enjoy them? In Cambridge Ontario, gummies have become an extremely popular way to enjoy both THC and CBD. These gummies typically taste just like any other gummy candies, and they come in a wide range of flavors and textures.

Some popular gummies and other edibles are Foray ediblesWana gummiesAurora drift gummies, and Bhang chocolate. If you want something less sweet, there are also many popular drinks to choose from such as tea and THC soda. Ready to purchase? Shop now at Fresh Bud Cannabis and order edibles online.